Tuesday, July 14, 2015


At sunrise, while people are still in bed and the otherwise clogged downtown streets of Toronto are unsettlingly empty, work is being done to prepare for the day.

In the enormous space which is the St. Lawrence Market, most of the lights are still off and most vendors have not yet arrived. But near the rear left of the cavernous historic market building, Derek, an admittedly shy gentleman is hard at work.

A rosy cheeked man, Derek is a proud Newfoundlander from the interior of the province. He has been a butcher at Whitehouse Meats for 15 years. 

At the time of writing this, the Market is beginning to come alive with early morning visitors wanting fresh coffee and baked goods and early shoppers wishing to beat the crowds. If you listen closely, you just might hear the high-pitched sound of Derek's bandsaw as he expertly cuts meat that may end up on your bbq tonight.

You can visit their website at: www.whitehousemeats.ca


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