Saturday, July 25, 2015


Tucked between vastly different booths at the Gravenhurst, Ontario Ribfest event, Tim Chetty and Jill, are offering teeny tiny samples of hot sauce to those who dare!

Tim grew up in Keswick, Ontario and now lives not too far away in Barrie where the commercial kitchen of Chetty's is located. He is an entrepreneur who currently works for the town of Richmond Hill in their archives department... for the time being – he leaves his job to work full-time for Chetty's in a week. At 25 years of age, he says he is still young and wants to see Chetty's become a hot item in everyone's kitchen. Stressing, "It's not just about the heat, we emphasize that it's more about the flavour more than anything," he says of the six products they currently offer: original hot sauce, lime, garlic, pineapple, bbq hot sauce & marinade, and their jerk seasoning & rub.

Jill, a nursing student from Port Sydney, Ontario works for Chetty's and is helping keep up with the demand of the sauce, teaching people about the sauces when they stop by for a sample. Jill is heading to York University in the fall to complete her bachelor of science four-year nursing programme.

TIM FUN FACT: When he was 14 years of age, he worked at an electronics store and saw an opportunity to make some extra money. He noticed the older kids at school who smoked and were always loosing their lighters. Tim bought lighter leaches, the retractible string that clipped onto a belt loop at one end, and the lighter on the other. The lighters would never be lost as they were attached to the pants. He resold the lighter leashes to the kids at school and made over $500 in profit! An entrepreneur was born!

JILL FUN FACT: Always with a smile, "I'm a ginger with a soul," she says laughing and explaining, "People think red haired people don't have souls." True enough if you have ever watched an episode of Top Gear on the BBC!


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