Monday, July 20, 2015


Though by North American standards, he lives just down the road, this is Montreal native, Cedrik Levesque's first visit to Toronto. With a guide book in one hand, he is only here a few days to attend meetings.

Having just landed in the city, Cedrik is looking forward to getting his bearings, get through his meetings and take in some beach volleyball, part of the 2015 Pan Am Games. A transmission line designer, Cedrick is a civil engineer born in the northern Quebec town of Val-d'Or and grew up in Montreal.

With his DSLR camera in the other hand, Cedrik enjoys photography in his spare time as well as cycling and other sports to keep in shape and enjoy the outdoors.

CEDRICK FUN FACT: "I've been to India 12 times," Cedrik says, laughing, "and this is my first time to Toronto." Though he has been to India many times on business, he still struggles with eating Indian food! "I like a lot of foods, but not Indian foods," he says laughing at the irony. "India is all about your senses."


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