Tuesday, July 21, 2015


In her small studio in a west end Toronto neighbourhood, Amanda Maccagnan carefully slides out a sheet of blood red glass. It brings a smile to her lips as she describes the sheet in almost human terms. It is rare sheet of discontinued European glass which seems to have an organic life of its own – slightly pebbled on one side, striated on the other and swirling with layers of pigment.

A Toronto native, Amanda's creativity has followed her throughout her life. A highly skilled stained glass artist, she now creates under her own name unlike the three years spent working and designing for another artist.

An intricate, full-size sketch, rendered on tracing paper hangs on her wall, the next stained glass commission for a west coast musician. The work, in the shape of an electric guitar leaves open areas for the instrument's pick-ups, dials and other access points. A blend of artistic expressions.

Amanda's work has won accolades and recognition. Transitioning to her own studio was a difficult process. To focus her resolve, she began to create a large glass piece that took all her concentration, time and energy, "It almost killed me," she says of the prize-winning work. The work is seen in the image of her at her studio window.

AMANDA FUN FACT: Haunted by a lifetime of traumatic nightmares, Amanda discovered smoking pot made the dreams disappear, giving her relief from the images plaguing her nights. If she stopped smoking, the images and dreams would flow back and haunt her nightly. Another way of coping with the dreams was to paint them "By embracing something and making something beautiful out of it, your brain changes – you no longer see it as something to fear," she says about coping with her recurring demons.

You can see Amanda's work, and contact her on her website: http://amandapocalypse.com/


The piece Amanda created as she transitioned to her 

own studio. This piece is still available for purchase.

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