Monday, June 22, 2015


Cycling in fine style, Sox is on his way to his office to see a client who is waiting. Sox' immigrant story is truly the stuff of inspiration and is as uplifting as he is.

Sox, as he is known, was born in Cambodia and moved to Canada in 1984 with his family. His father was persecuted for his education, causing them to flee as refugees to Canada, moving to the Toronto community of Rexdale where a church sponsored family. The family then moved to the Jane & Finch area where Sox grew up.

Sox majored in English at York University. During his second year of university, his father was injured at work. In order to earn some money for the family, Sox took a part-time job folding shirts. This lead into management, then into the corporate world where he now runs a successful clothing company, "We've been really really busy - I'm blessed," he says of his eight years in the industry.

"We make 'dirty' clothes and 'dirty' is a word for clean in street culture. We make really sharp clothing and its an individualized service. I work one person at a time to create really special clothing."

"Where we grew up, at Jane & Finch, when someone looked real cool, or had the combination spot-on we'd say, 'Hey bro, that's dirty!' " Sox says of the inspiration for his company name, The Dirty Inc. ( where he curates men's personal style and consults on men's fashion. 

• SHIRT: White shirt made at The Dirty Inc.
• TIE: Beige linen tie (for which he receives many compliments) $1 from a bin in Kensington Market!
• JACKET: Double-breasted seersucker that Sox made with big lapels and an Italian style.
• SHORTS: Camo pattern from Urban Outfitters' collection last year.
• SHOES: Canvas shoes at H+M for $20.

SOX QUOTE: "Style is not how much you spend, but how you spend it, and looking for the right piece for the ensemble."


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