Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Born in Leeds, England, Shane Lewis-Stirling met a Canadian girl and followed her back to Canada where he now calls home. A sports enthusiast, Shane enjoys golf, anything to do with water and, no surprise, football "Stop calling it soccer, North America!" he fulminates, channeling all of the UK!

With a background in hospitality, Shane is no stranger to pubs, bars and restaurants. He has been managing Caffe Demetre's Etobicoke location for the last 3.5 years. An affable guy, Shane is at home and the perfect person to run a restaurant. In England, he once did an event for Prince Andrew as well as many sporting events including international rugby/football matches and the Grand National horse race.

Last year, Shane took on a new sport – boxing. He was part of the Fight To End Cancer 2014 gala for which he had to endure 6 months of rigorous and often brutal training. "I got involved with Fight To End Cancer because Andreas my boss, fought Virgil Barrow [trainer at Kingsway Boxing Club] in the first ever main event. He inspired me to try get the word out and help donate money for a great cause and to get back into shape. I was hooked".

This year, he attended as an observer and enjoyed taking in the gala, though he does say he misses the action.

SHANE FUN FACT: When he was younger he had an interest in clouds and wrote an independent school paper on them, earning his highest ever mark, an A! 

Shane Lewis-Stirling with his hands full at the 2015 Fight To End Cancer red carpet.

In the ring, during the 2014 gala event for the Fight To End Cancer

Shane during training at Kingsway Boxing Club

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