Sunday, June 21, 2015


Three young women from different places arrive in Toronto and become great friends. They are here to study English and are linked by culture and another language. They are here saying Hello and enjoying a sunny weekend at Toronto's Distillery District. 

Ninel Flores is from Querétaro, a small north-central Mexican state. She arrived four months ago and will return home in two months. She loves to dance, hip hop and going out to clubs with friends.

Mónica Dilarosa from Veracruz, Mexico on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. She arrived in Toronto four months ago and will head back to Mexico next month. She plans to take a Masters degree in chemical engineering in Spain. She has discovered that she has a passion for song writing and has written for herself and others. For a moment, she thinks briefly mentions her family and becomes  emotional before changing the subject.

Mariana Irrudi is also studying English at the same school studying English. She has been her one month and will return to her home town of  São Paulo, Brazil in three months. When she is not studying English, she is enjoying movies and getting out to walk. She loves being in Toronto and the freedom of simply being able to go outside for a leisurely walk and not worry about her safety. She also has a passion for travel.


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