Saturday, June 6, 2015


Cut from the same cloth, the staff at Toronto's Gibson House are passionate about history and preserving the story of David Gibson and his family. Gibson was a Scottish land surveyor who came to Canada and settled in Toronto. He was a land surveyor who helped map early Toronto. This beautiful Georgian-style farmhouse honours the life and dramatic times of the Gibson family and is a chance to step out of Canada's largest city and back in time.

Meredyth Schofield, a University of Toronto graduate who took history and media. Her interests are perfect for telling the historic story of the Gibson family in contemporary ways. She works part-time at Gibson as well as four other historic sites around the city. She sees herself continuing in the heritage field for her career.

When not in historic period costume, she can be found at science fiction conventions in quite different costumes! Her favourite costume is that of Superhoodie from the British TV show, Misfits!

Born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Claire Ricci has worked at Gibson house for almost 15 years. Blessed with the gift of youth, one would never know she also studied history, started her master degree in education, got her teaching degree, then went back to the masters - and she's still not done! 

Cooking, reading and playing the piano are some other interests that balance Claire's passion for heritage work at Gibson house. "I'm actually a really boring person" she says laughing while trying to think of other interests beyond her work at the House! Hardly!

Dorie Billich is the curator at Gibson House and was featured in the post prior to this one (please see her post for more details). She has worked at Gibson House for almost two years. Her interest in the Gibson family and the history of the House is evident in her enthusiasm as she speaks. Dorie oversees this site and the Zion Schoolhouse historic site a few kilometres away.

(Tomorrow: Gibson House costumed interpreter, Lauren McCallum)
In a city like Toronto, it is rare to find a place with ample parking and next to a subway station. Unplug and take a trip back in time at historic Gibson House: 
5172 Yonge Street. (North York Centre subway stop)


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