Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Demonstrating the need to be flexible and creative in the demanding world of advertising, Madison Turner thinks nothing of hanging out in a doorway under her office.

Born in London, Ontario, Madison completed the Humber College, Graphic Design Advanced programme. She is Art Director at the advertising agency, Rain 43. Together with a writing partner, she works to develop concepts and push the creative envelope, taking their clients into new and exciting directions using new media and technology while exploring innovatve creative strategies.

Madison lives a stone's throw away from the office where, when she's not making it 'rain' at work, she hangs out with her dogs and her friends. Having a life-long interest in bikes, she also has a fondness for adopting old and mistreated bicycles, repairing them, breathing new life into them and giving them away. Madison is also a huge fan of documentaries through which she learns a lot about issues and the world. "It empowers me to want to do something, and I find that so great" she says of the power of a documentary film.

MADISON FUN FACT: A the age of 12, Madison and her family moved to a working farm in Granton, Ontario for 10 years. She loved the emersion into life with cows, pigs, chickens and rural living. After high school, she left the farm for a different kind of wildlife in Toronto.


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