Tuesday, June 16, 2015


A beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters, Biloo (Bill) Ahluwalia is very proud this day. His eldest, Chandi is celebrating her 25th birthday and they have come to Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto for family photos. It has not escaped The Hello Project that Bill is rocking the Elvis look in dressing for the occasion!

Living in east Toronto, The family is originally from the Punjab area of India and now call Toronto home.

Kimi is the youngest of the three sisters works in downtown Toronto at Cira Medical Services. Simi works as a teller at the Toronto Dominion bank in Scarborough in east Toronto. Chandi, the birthday girl is also a teller and works for Scotiabank. 

Samira, the mother and wife, is equally proud of her daughters and works as an educational assistant for a grade two class at a public school in Scarborough. Bill works for the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) as a Spirit Advocate. He has one of the coolest jobs we have had on the Hello Project! Together with his refined palate and the flavours of the various spirits, he guides customers in choosing the right drinks for the foods they wish to serve.


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