Monday, June 15, 2015


Waiting alone at Toronto City Hall, shivering in the damp cold, wind and threatening skies, Kathy Penner is scared out of her mind. So frightening is the idea of what she will be doing that her three team mates did not show up. Kathy is alone in her team venture, but like many today, her bravery will help others.

For many months, Kathy has raised money in support of Make-A-Wish's, Rope For Hope event which will grant wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. She, and many other will be harnessed and helped over the edge of the dizzying 325' drop to rappel down the concrete side os the city hall building.

Born in northern Greece, Kathy's family emigrated to Canada when she was five years of age for a better future. Given her Greek background, she worked in a restaurant for a while, "Its just like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I was that girl." she laughs remembering that part of her past. After the restaurant, she applied for a part-time media job and has been working there that last 32 years. 

Her company Newcom Business Media, has raised over $152,000 for charity through golf tournaments. This year however, they have changed it up and went for the lofty idea of rappelling! "I'm terrified and petrified of heights! I'm probably going to throw up." Kathy says, worried eyes looking up to the top of the building where she will confront her fears.

KATHY FUN FACT: "I'm the humour relief at work." she says of her jovial nature and getting coworkers laughing and feeling good. She will be doing this rappel for her company, but more importantly for children, "I'm going to go up to the top and do it for all the kids at Make-A-Wish. I really believe in supporting them, I think everyone should give. Facing my fears for 15 minutes is nothing compared to what those kids and their families face every day.

(NOTE: Kathy did rappel and did it with style and a smile. See photos below)


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