Monday, June 1, 2015


Keeping a brisk pace, Julian Stein wheels down Trinity Street in Toronto on his way to the Distillery District for a photo walk. No stranger to these meet-ups, he is one of the first inside The Maltings, the historic building where Fuji Canada is setting up for the walk. Asked where the ramp to the building is, "Its around the back of the building. At least they have one – it's sometimes difficult with these old buildings" he says, nodding to a door to the loading area.

Born and raised in Toronto, Julian works at the Royal Bank in the city as a resolution officer conducting investigations. He is part of a team working with American tax compliance regulations to identify U.S. clients. 

With the sleepless look of a new dad, Julian smiles broadly as he speaks of his 5-month old baby boy, Nathan, "He sleeps well, almost a whole night" he laughs with pride.

Julian is an avid photographer and is at the meet-up to test out some of the new offerings from Fuji. Positioned along the route are models and other subjects he and the other can shoot to test out some of the equipment. Julian is very happy to be using a morrorless camera today rather than the big heavy DSLRs he has used in the past.

An avid traveller, Julian has seen a lot of the world including Paris, London, Israel, Tunisia and a four-day tip into the Sahara Desert. 

JULIAN FUN FACT: He has one of the coolest Twitter names, Wheels. An early adopter of Twitter, he laughs and says that he is constantly being offered money to sell the name and many times he has had to aggressively protect it from being hacked!


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