Thursday, June 11, 2015


It was not hard to spot her as she weaved between the rows of parked trucks and cars in the lot. The simple long black dress and flowing mint green & floral chiffon top bestowed on Jesse Sousa the air of the fashion designer which she has become.

Born in Mississauga in 1989, Jesse took the fashion design programme at George Brown College. "I recently graduated, so I'm still trying to figure stuff out," she says, absently tracing her fingers along the soft drapery of the colourful top she made.

Her laughter turns to a determined look as she describes her aspirations of creating her own fashion line. Having interned with designers, she is now ready to go forward. She is focused and sees using social media and the internet as the best way to display her designs and reach into the global fashion market.

With other interests in photography and painting and drawing, Jesse is inspired and creative in other ways which all contribute to her role of an emerging women's clothing designer.

JESSE FUN FACT: A dog lover, she is always on the look out. She cannot resist the temptation of stopping to admire and pet each dog she meets. After photographing her this evening, she spots a handsome Australian Shephard not far away and feels the pull to go over and introduce herself. But for now, we keep walking... smiling, she turns her head back towards the dog – who is also looking back toward Jesse.


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