Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Who knew under a fetid overpass of an industrial backwash in downtown Toronto, a skateboard park, like the rest of the area, would one day become a pilgrimage for skaters? Its called Underpass Park and as the name suggests, it is tucked under the deep steel beams and concrete columns of the Richmond underpass.

Two skaters, Jesse Stains and his friend Jacob Apps, both from Uxbridge, Ontario have made the trip to Toronto's Underpass Park to ride the rails, test their jump skills and enjoy the park with other skaters.

Jesse, a heavy machinery operator driving loaders and excavators for an aggregate company found out about this park through word on the internet and thought they'd come check it out. when he's not working he hangs out with friends and relaxing. 

JESSE FUN FACT: Just for the hell of it, on day he jumped of the roof of a two story house! Asked why, "Just for the fun" he says, proud that he was unhurt. 

Jacob Apps, dripping with sweat from trying to perfect a complicated jump recently completed electrical engineering at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. He is working for the summer and figuring out his next moves going forward in his career.

JACOB FUN FACT: While at Killbear Provincial Park, he inched along one of the very narrow ledge above the deep water of Georgian Bay to successfully land a front flip of a 40' cliff.


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