Monday, June 29, 2015


A long way from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Shoom sits in the shade and expects to hear any day of his acceptance into a welding programme at Sheridan College.

A quiet, soft spoken man with an intelligent gaze, Ibrahim is philosophical about life, education and work. His goal is to work in metal fabrication and custom metal work.  A theoretical education is one thing, but creating, working with your hands and admiring what one produces is so much more satisfying.

Along with his three sisters and mother, Ibrahim's father moved the family to Canada in 1988 seeking a place to belong and a place where opportunities and a better life was possible. 

IBRAHIM FUN FACT: A fun fact is something that is surprisingly difficult to think of. Ibrahim is no different, "I know the second we stop, I'll have a thousand things I can think of," he says as he ponders a lifetime of events, wanting to select a defining moment! Since this is a blog, I will update it if he thinks of something. This is something that happens. Often, someone will write later with a story or fun anecdote after the fact, and it is added to the post.


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