Monday, June 8, 2015


It is a perfect day to post Cristina and Sean's bright, sunny and happy photo in Toronto seeing as the city is drowning in unrelenting torrents of rain. This image is taken at Toronto's downtown east historic Distillery District a few days ago.

From Toronto, Christina works for the CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce). "I'm in banking. I do business development, I get to talk to people all day and work in the community which is wonderful" she proudly says of her role with the bank. She has an open and bubbly personality which makes her ideal for working with the community.

When not the face of the CIBC in her community, Cristina has a passion for flowers, specifically flower arranging. When married five years ago, she wanted to fill their home with love and colour. That is when she fell upon her passion for flower arranging.

CRISTINA FUN FACT: When she was six years of age, visiting Portugal, her heritage, she discovered the intoxicating smell of fresh mint. So intense was her love for the smell that she inhaled the plant so deeply that the leaves became lodged in her sinus! Panicking, her family could not remove the plant, causing her to become more upset and scared. The went deeper as she inhaled. After a trip to the local hospital emergency the mint was removed! The Hello Project failed to ask if she uses mint in her flower arranging today!

A relaxed, easy-going man, Sean is a dental surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Recently finished many many years at school, he has been working as an oral surgeon for one year.

Sean is a "big foodie" and traveller. A perfect combination of passions, he connects with the countries he visits through food as part of the culture. Italy and many other European destinations plus Hawaii and Indonesia are some of the places he has experienced.

SEAN FUN FACT: Sean still has every toy he had a young boy! "I have an extensive GI Joe collection. I was quite infatuated with GI Joes" he says, somewhat sheepishly, but with boyish pride. Of the obvious storage issue, Cristina says, "We live in a condo and space is at a premium. Most people use a storage locker for Christmas trees and other things – we have GI Joes"!


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  1. Awesome, loved the mint story LOL.
    Nice people.