Friday, June 12, 2015


"I wish we were driving in a truck." Constable Clinton Stibbe says as we raced up beside a car to peer over and see if the driver was using a cell phone. If we were in a higher vehicle we could have looked down into the car to see if he was texting. We suspected he was, but could't prove it and kept driving.

Such was the drive-along with the mild-mannered Stibbe who, in his mid 40s, he is no push-over. For years he worked enforcement, but now is more the face of Toronto police's Traffic Services' Media Relations.

"They do say that everyone has on average, three careers throughout their life," Stibbe says of his decision to go into policing. "I'm on number two. I was, and still am, a licensed class-A mechanic." His experience with automobiles has served him well in reconstructing motor vehicle collisions and accidents as well as working other parts parts of the traffic services division. The police are looking for recruits who have life experience and know how to deal with the public. As a mature recruit, he was not alone. 

A father of two, he is keeping tabs on his daughter who is just learning to drive and has many questions. "Will she make mistakes? Sure, but I hope they will be minor ones," he says of young people learning to drive.

CLINTON FUN FACT: After pulling over a vehicle for speeding, Clinton was outside his vehicle and about to walk the ticket over to the driver. Another car, coming up behind the parked car, veers over onto the shoulder trying to get around it. The vehicle looses control and swerves head-on into Constable Stibbe hitting him.

While this is not exactly "fun", he does smile while recalling his potential last moment saying, "This is really going to suck!" Injured, but alive, and not the first time being struck on duty, he is full of life, loves his job and truly does care for those he has pledged to serve and protect.

CLINTON QUOTE: Of his views on life experiences: "We are becoming book smart, but not life smart"


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