Saturday, June 20, 2015

BRUCE (and Olive)

The place can be frenetic. The Distillery District on a warn sunny evening is filled with people walking in all directions. Contrasting to that, and keeping long steady strides, Bruce Waithe and his Great Dane, Olive seem to glide through all the people on their walk.

Arriving in 1969, Bruce and his family emigrated to Toronto from Trinidad. At the age of 8, Bruce has spent most of his life here. A fitness instructor and personal trainer, Bruce has a deep warm voice and an elegant air. 

It was when his clients saw what he was cooking that he began to change his career. He began to cook for some fitness clients until his skills in a kitchen were recognized. He has now been a personal chef for the last 13 years. "I cook for people who want to eat properly and healthy. I do all organic and mostly vegan" says Bruce of meals he creates.

When not preparing meals, he is out walking Olive, enjoying the city and is also a spin instructor.

BRUCE FUN FACT: Pointing to a scar beside his left eye  left from a hockey puck, he laughs and remembers he used to tell people it was a hockey injury. But in reality, he hurt himself when he and his younger brother were playing Ice Capades!


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