Thursday, May 14, 2015


Calmly observing the rush of passengers at Canada's largest airport, Pearson International, Zaidah Vania is not rushing. She is excited for her first visit to the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon on the west coast of the United States.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Zaidah and her family moved to Canada in 1989, following her aunt who moved to Canada in the 1970s to work as a psychiatrist. 

A behavioural therapist, Zaidah works with children with autism at the Woodbridge private school, Shining Through, a school for children with autism.

Travelling, exploring the vast Toronto culinary landscape and reading are some of Zaidah's passions when she is not caring for the children at school.

ZAIDAH FUN FACT: Once while visiting Huntington Beach in California, Zaidah approached a slimmer Hulk Hogan to ask if she could hold the huge albino python he was carrying. The man agreed and helped drape the python over her shoulders. A petite woman, the python, slithering, was a very heavy load. She now has a new credential in her resume: Python Wrangler!

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