Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Today was all about getting out to the beach and enjoying the spectacular weather. It is here we meet Winnie and Lisa Liu. Dressed alike, it was hard to tell who was mother and who was daughter from 20 feet away!

Born in Toronto, Winnie is a first-year teacher teaching French at Woodbridge Public School in Woodbridge, Ontario. Bringing a lot of layered personal interests to her teaching, Winnie enjoys cooking art history and is an avid traveller. While Winnie thinks of a "fun fact", her mother tells us a bit about herself.

Lisa, born in Guangzhou, China came to Toronto over 20 years ago. She works as a nutritional consultant, working in the healthcare system to advice and teach people about diet and healthy food choices. Like her daughter, Lisa loves to travel, she also enjoys photography – one of the reasons they were out at the beach today.

WINNIE FUN FACT: Winnie has seen a lot of the world. Wherever she goes, she buys a shot glass from the cities she visits. These glasses are gifts to her sister! 

LISA FUN FACT: She collects interesting stones (no shortage of them here on the beach). As a traveller, Lisa also has an interest in collecting coins and stamps from around the world.


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