Saturday, May 23, 2015


Leaving the deck, his board spinning below him, Ryan Arica is in his element at Underpass Park – a feature of Toronto's downtown east. He is the only one here, he has all the rails, spines, launch boxes and ramps to himself this Friday afternoon.

Born in north Toronto in 1994, Ryan recently graduated from George Brown College in Architectural Technology. Before launching into 3-d modeling, floor plans and working with architects, he is enjoying a bit of well-deserved free time while he also looks for work.

Ryan discovered Underpass Park online watching skateboard videos on YouTube and hearing about it from friends. "I think it's kinda cool, not a lot of people here, a little fun place for myself", he says, still breathing heavily from so many board runs.

RYAN FUN FACT: A creative kid, Ryan enjoys drumming and art but also collecting dead earphones and cables. Collectively, in boxes, the look is one of technology at its end. "It makes me look like a techie guy, all those gadgets, realistically they don't even work," he laughs sheepishly before heading off for more boarding.


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