Thursday, May 21, 2015


Born in Etobicoke, not far from where we are meeting, Robert Meinzer's career thus far has been about helping others through social enterprise.

A sales person for Options Printing in Mississauga, Ontario, Robert is one of the staff who works with co-workers with intellectual disabilities. There are 40 co-workers in Options' social enterprise programme at any given time who are being trained and helped to become job-ready. "Empowering and showing people that they can be part of the work force even when people say they can't" is how Robert sums up the year-long programme.

Before Options, Robert worked in other social enterprise organizations. It is an important part of his life and one which he wants to show his family. "I want to show my kids that you can make the world a better place and still make a living – that you don't have to be all about the money"  Robert say of his experiences.

Beyond his work in social enterprise, Robert is a family man who enjoys spending time with his family, yelling at sports on TV and "trying to do home improvements"!

ROBERT FUN FACT: He is currently laying a stone patio in front and back of his house. He has no idea what he is doing but loves the work! 

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