Monday, May 4, 2015


With his new and updated website coming online in less than 16 hours, Phillip Saunders is excited to finish rebuilding the site and show his latest work. Do check it out a little later,

Born in 1990 in Jamaica, Phillip came to Canada and Toronto in 2010. He is a full-time portrait artist who works freelance and will also take commissions. 

He is seen here creating some wall art. At this stage he is blocking in colour, form and depth. Eventually, when finished it will brightly loom, lifelike out of this darkened alley. His wall art is big bold and colourful with a sense of playful whimsy. Though seen here with a large wall surface, he paints mostly on canvas.

PHILLIP FUN FACT: Phillip is passionate about philosophy. He is fascinated by, and reads everything he can about the philosophers of ancient Egypt, Greece and Babylonia. 


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