Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Bala Falls is a sensitive subject for the folks of Muskoka in Ontario. A hydro plant is proposed for the falls and is causing tension in the area and with the provincial government. Organized committees and protests are ongoing to lobby against the project.

Enter 56 year old Peggy Peterson. She is passionate about the area, the heritage and the water. Peggy lives north of the falls but for the last 8 months has been spending most of her time camping out across the street in a tent and a van as her way of protesting. Peggy goes it alone, watching over the area while keeping tabs on the comings and goings at the proposed site.


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  1. Hello Peggy, thanks for standing up for the town of Bala! As a summer resident there we do not need a hydro plant there ruining the aesthetic, and the province does not need to pay a premium to Swift River for the energy. I highly doubt that the rest of the province wants to pay even more to receive hydro! This issue really is much bigger than the town of Bala, I wish that those in the province would realize that the effort to go and harvest power from small towns all over the province is going to hurt the province as a whole financially. The cost of these small power plant is going to be payed for by all of us, not just by Bala. If there was a shortage of electricity, or a lack of other renewable resources to harness electricity from, then perhaps this would be the only viable alternative. However there are other options to utilize. So let's do so first before we ruin the aesthetic of small towns like Bala, harm the environment by upsetting the existing ecosystems, and destroy historic landmarks that have stood for centuries. Peggy, I commend you for standing up for us.