Wednesday, May 6, 2015


FIRST IN A SERIES from *Working For Change.

It was dark, cold and overcast. The brightest thing around was her cheerful pink hijab, a stark contrast to our surroundings. The colour is a reflection of the woman within.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Lubna Khalid arrived in Canada in 2000 as a young bride in an arranged marriage. She was a stay-at-home mom assuming traditional roles, “In our culture men provide and women say home. That’s all our women were doing despite being well educated”.

With an agile mind and ambition, Lubna began to help other newcomers from South Asia. She organized weekly women’s groups to share talents and understand their new lives in Canada.

Lubna has a masters degree in Psychology, it was not long until she set her mind to empowering other women through speaking and consulting. 

Lubna was a powerful voice at a symposium at the Harvard Business School, illuminating the restricted lives of Muslim women who marry into traditional homes. She has also spoken on women’s empowerment at conferences in Peru and Turkey.

Lubna enrolled in the programme, Women Speak Out, run by Toronto’s not for profit success story, Working For Change. She is now the coordinator of Women Speak Out.

LUBNA FUN FACT: She loves to play video games with her three children “Candy Crush is of course my favourite” she says laughing.

*Working For Change provides education and employment opportunities for people disadvantaged by mental illness, addiction issues, poverty, homelessness, violence and newcomer/immigration challenges. For more formation, please visit 


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