Thursday, May 28, 2015


From near and far, five people gather for a group Hello portrait at the University of Toronto. For some it was the first time meeting. In one case, it was an open invitation online. Their one common bond (sorry Donovan) is that they are all Fujifilm camera enthusiasts and this is the monthly, FujiTuesday walk in Toronto.

From left: JEFF LUSH on a business trip to Toronto from Edmonton only discovered this walk online a few hours before. He found his way to the meandering group, snaking its way through U of T's downtown Toronto campus. Jeff works for Rogers and is here for meetings and to check out the city with the thought of perhaps move the family here from Edmonton. Jeff has six pet snakes, 2 boa constrictors and four pythons! Sorry about that "snaking its way through" comment Jeff! 

PETER GAUNTLETT is a creative professional who has been art director, designer and copywriter at such places at TVOntario, FOXX Advertising + Design, and Creative Niche. Possessing one of the coolest last names, he says its French and that a lot of people don't know what a gauntlet its!

DONOVAN BOND is co-founder of the FujiTuesday group, and also runs the  Fuji vs Fuji review site. It is a group for people who embrace the Fuji camera system and regularly get together to do a walk, chat about new gear, shoot some photos and socialize. Donovan is a freelance art director and designer with numerous cats.

HEATHER BROSTER & MATHIEU GASQUET are this evening's special guests visiting from Europe. They are the couple behind the very popular blog site and social media accounts, MirrorLessons. Heather's background is originally Canadian (they are here visiting family) and Mathieu is of Franco Italian heritage. Together they test, shoot and promote new gear, cameras, innovations and people who have moved away from large, heavy DSLRs and now are mirrorless camera converts. 

Heather and Mathieu's blog:
FujiTuesday blog:
Fuji vs Fuji:


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