Sunday, May 31, 2015


OK, I can hear you now, "Ahhhh, they're so sweet", and you'd be right! They are! This is an extended Hello featuring Heather Broster and Mathieu Gasquet. They originally appeared three days ago as part of a group Hello. They are visiting Canada to see friends and family. As well, they have dropped by to take a Fujifilm Cameras​ photo walk.

Heather and Mathieu are the two people behind the very popular MirrorLessons blog, Facebook page, and other social media platforms of the same name. Together they created MirrorLessons, out of the desire to test mirrorless camera technology and share the results through reviews and their artistic images online. They provide first-hand previews of how these cameras handle in both professional and amateur hands, while also providing comparisons between models, discussing their respective pros and cons.

Heather's wandering spirit has given her the opportunity to live in Canada, Japan, England, Italy and now Wales where she loves to capture the ever-changing landscapes of this wonderful country.

Mathieu, tall and willowy, is a soft-spoken man with an enchanting Italian accent mixed with hints of other regions. His background is French and Italian but he also enjoys a good cup of tea. Good thing since they now live in Wales. His interest in photography began when his parents gave him a Yashica FX-2000. Mathieu has been a pro video director and photographer for 10 years.

HEATHER FUN FACT: Aside from her passion for photography, Heather is almost as passionate about linguistics. She studied and speaks Japanese. A perfect person to bring for sushi night.

MATHIEU FUN FACT: With a discerning singular taste, Mathieu still eats the same cake for breakfast that he did as a child. A culinary oddity that Heather finds hilarious.


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