Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Enjoying the stellar Victoria Day warm weather, Fred Tang stops to chat with The Hello Project. He is here taking his two dogs for a walk in Corktown Common, the 18 acre park in the West Don Lands of Toronto.

Fred, a native Torontonian has been a self-employed accountant for the last 8 years. When he is not out walking his dogs with his girlfriend (not pictured), he is enjoying many sports including basketball, hockey and was an avid cyclist. 

Laughing, Fred says he has had to scale back his cycling a bit due to a knee issue. "Its more being active and trying to be healthy," he says about getting older. "I look really young, but I'm actually getting up there in age! Today's my birthday, I'm 39." He laughs and says he is sometimes mistaken for an intern or a summer student!

FRED FUN FACT: A few years ago, on another birthday, Fred went skydiving. A gift from his girlfriend, "I was more nervous the day she told me, as opposed to the day I did it." Happy birthday Fred!


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