Sunday, May 17, 2015


13 years beyond Ontario’s legal drinking age, Erin is sometimes still asked to provide proof of her age! Old enough to be a mother of an adolescent, she embraces the gift of youth, enjoys an active life and loves to visit the Bala family cottage in Muskoka, Ontario.

Erin was born in London, Ontario, and now lives in Toronto where she is doing business planning and I.T. for the social services for the Ontario government. Her last eight years with the Province began on the ‘front lines” as a disability support worker for children with severe disabilities. 

As demanding and challenging as her day job is, she balances her professional life with many interests including keeping fit with running, playing the guitar and making an effort to learn to cook more healthily. “I was always eating healthy-ish, but just trying to cook full meals were beyond what my skill set was before”. Active, she also spend time at the cottage boating and wake boarding.

ERIN FUN FACT: Her fun fact was contributed by a third-party contributor!: “It is my experience that Erin smiles at least 80-85% of the day”. Erin, hearing this, laughs… and smiles!


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