Sunday, May 24, 2015


Sitting on the rocks enjoying the sun and waiting for a friend, Emily passes her time sketching. There is no shortage of people to draw here at Sugar Beach in Toronto. 

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Emily moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, then Burlington where she grew up west of Toronto. Being creative and having a talent for drawing, Emily attended Sheridan College in Oakville where she took animation. She is a character designer working for Nelvana and supervises the design team, creating characters and props for children's shows.

Not surprising, Emily enjoys being outside and loves to go hiking. Inside, she uses her creativity in the kitchen where she likes to cook. Emily is also always drawing, "Making art – I make tons of art all the time" she says laughing and nodding behind her at the Corus building in which she works.

Emily's phone rings – her friend is on his way, so we end our visit puzzling over a fun fact...

EMILY FUN FACT: Coming up with a fun fact is often difficult especially when one is unprepared to think of one. Emily is no exception as she tries to think of something, "I make my own yoghurt... no, thats so boring," she laughs, "Oh, I swam across a lake once" Emily excitedly remembers "There's a lake at my cottage, it's called, Big Clear Lake, and it took me three hours." Now, that's pretty cool!


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