Friday, May 29, 2015


Not many people can say their earliest memories are of German soldiers feeding them oatmeal porridge! "I do remember the end [of the war]. I remember the German soldiers – although they were very nice to me, I was just a baby, I'm sure some of them had kids themselves at home" he says, remembering back when he was five years old.

Dick was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1940 at the beginning of the second world war, his father was a member of the Dutch underground and kept a communications radio hidden in the house.

In 1962, Dick moved to Canada after having served with the Dutch marines, "I was stationed in Aruba, which was horrible" he laughs remembering the pristine beaches of his arduous Caribbean posting! His older brother had moved to Canada and Dick followed soon after.

Having a darkroom at home when he was 14, he never dreamed of becoming a newspaper photographer. Through a connection, Dick got on staff with the Toronto Telegram newspaper before it folded into the Toronto Sun. During his time at the Telegram, he also helped launch Toronto Life magazine which is still publishing.

After the Telegram folded, Dick moved to the Toronto Star where he worked as a news photographer for 31 years. Much loved and admired, Dick retired and continued his love of sailing, cycling and travel with his wife Kay.

DICK FUN FACT: With a love for flying, Dick never turned down a chance to shoot a job from an airplane. One one occasion, Dick was following the Canadian Snowbirds aerobatic team in a chase plane during their maneuvers. As the maneuvers where ending, his plane banked hard over the open domed stadium, allowing him to shoot his last and final frame of the baseball game below.


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