Sunday, May 3, 2015


Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Dhaya Naidu and Dhaya Naidu (yes, they both have the same names!) met through friends in their late teens. It was pretty much love at first sight. Dhaya still is misty-eyed as he glances over to his wife recalling all the parties and dances.

Married in 1978, they then with two children in tow, moved to Canada in 1992 to give their children a future with greater possibilities and hope. South Africa was still feeling the affects of apartheid and violence was everywhere.

They moved to Canada during a recession and got work doing anything they could find. Dhaya was an electrician in South Africa but found work at a computer recycling plant for $8/hr. (Mrs) Dhaya found work as a receptionist at a college. They worked hard, bought a house, and as time passed (Mrs) Dhaya became Assistant Vice President and manager of finance and operations for Sotheby's Canada. She is now an administrator at CSBI Group, a construction and engineering company. (Mr) Dhaya began working at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where he works today.

Away from work, they share a love of travel and cruising as a way to enjoy down-time and see the world. They also continue to dance!

DHAYA & DHAYA FUN FACT: They both were thrilled to have met Nelson Mandela. (Mr) Dhaya saw him in a hotel and went up to introduce themselves. "He was a very nice man", (Mr) Dhaya recalls.


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