Friday, May 15, 2015


The newspaper industry is a small one. Newsroom staff move around, so chances are, Charlie Kopun is a familiar name to many newsroomers. For those who don't, Carlie is a guy who is always smiling, has a sharp wit and a keen eye.

Charlie spent almost 25 years working in Canadian newspapers great and small. His beats have included: sports editor, arts writer, weekend editor, art director and copy chief. He was a "Day Oner" at the National Post and held an number of editing positions at the national paper. 

He moved on to the Toronto Star where he served as an assistant managing editor for five years . He taught part time at Ryerson University's School of Journalism for three years and is now a professor and program co-ordinator in the School of Media Studies at Niagara College. 

CHARLIE FUN FACTS: Born in Croatia and emigrated to Canada at the age of seven, he once had a long working lunch with 1960s music icon Eric Burdon and a short gig as Wayne Gretzky's copy editor.


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