Saturday, May 16, 2015


As inviting as the beautiful loaves of fresh bread in the window of LeaH'S, Bek Zolnierczyk, works the tiny bakery on St. Clair west in Toronto.

Born in Kitchener, Ontario in 1987, Bek has worked at LeaH'S for two years. It is a small and welcoming bakery on the corning of St. Clair west and Wychwood avenue offering tempting treats and baked goods. Wedding cakes can also be created along with other custom orders.

When Bek is not behind the counter, she is a volunteer birth support worker for expecting and new parents from marginalized communities. She supports mothers in labour and provides postpartum counselling, assistance with nursing and helps clients to adjust to a new baby in the house. 

Bek is moving to Montreal this summer to take a course in her area of interest with the Montreal Birth Companions. Bek's interest is in helping women and families from the queer and trans communities as well as newcomers to Canada and people without status for whom access to healthcare is a challenge. Bek's volunteer work also extends to public education, working with queer and trans youth to provide sex education.

BEK FUN FACT: In addition to bringing up her 14-month old husky, Bek pauses to think of something fun about herself, "Oh, I'm so boring... Oh, I know! I'm really good at knitting", she says! After attempting to knit a tent for a cat, she has moved on to knitting many Harry Potter scarves for friends!


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