Friday, May 1, 2015


APPOLOGIES for the late posting of today's feature Hello! As the t-shirt suggests, Anna is due to be a grandmother in a week of two after the photo was taken. 

I have been waiting to post Anna on the day her grandchild is born! I am happy to say that there will be a tiny bouncing Hello popping out within the next hour or so! It will be the youngest Hello feature yet! Obviously with not too much information and no fun fact!

Born in Toronto in 1963, Anna was privileged to have survived her childhood despite three bothers, two of them older than she. Growing up in north Toronto and living on the Don River watershed gave he an appreciation for nature. As did the years of camping every summer growing up.

Several years ago, she moved her family north to the Muskoka region to be closer to her mother who had a big influence on her life and her daughter, Samantha's life. See the Samantha post of several days ago.

Anna is a bookkeeper and keeps several clients well sorted financially. She lives in a cozy house almost entirely heated by wood even through the harshest of winters

ANNA FUN FACT: When she was in grade 4, she learned all about the extinction of dinosaurs due to an ice age. Her older brothers were very ernest in telling her she ought to wear her winter coat to bed because she missed the news that another ice age was coming any day! The winter coat worked! She is still very much alive. She is still getting over the trauma!

I know this because... I am one of her older brothers!


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