Saturday, May 9, 2015


FOURTH IN A SERIES from *Working For Change.

Anju had never had a bank account, bought groceries or drove a car. She was coddled and she was bright. Having earned a PhD in Developmental Biology, she was smart academically, but knew little of the world.

To leave her home in India and come to Toronto was a bold move. She even surprised herself with her decision, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice.”

As a newcomer Anju she ended up attending *Working For Change’s, Women Speak Out programme. While there, she learned to see life’s experiences as assets as well as personal branding and how to sell herself in job interviews.

Together in a small cozy apartment Anju and her daughter are settled and happy. 

Great news came from one of her recent job interviews. She was accepted by the Ontario Government as a disability adjudicator. “It had always been my dream to work for the government.”

ANJU FUN FACT: She is one to walk up to strangers on the street who have caught her eye and tell them what it was that she admired about them. “It is easy for me to do, I feel life is too short, we need to express good things, not bad things” she says gesturing – bangles jingling.

*Working For Change provides education and employment opportunities for people disadvantaged by mental illness, addiction issues, poverty, homelessness, violence and newcomer/immigration challenges. For more formation, please visit    With files from Leslie Scrivener


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