Monday, April 27, 2015


"I draw stuff". This was the answer to a question about what Tonia Cowan does at the Globe and Mail newspaper! Not one to push herself on anyone or boast, this is a classic Cowan response.

Tonia is a brilliant graphics journalist who moved to the Globe from the Toronto Star many years ago. Her info graphics work is a blend of "stuff" she draws, tightly produced renderings and data, distilled from often incomprehensibly mined statistics. The result is always big, bold and crafted to give readers the big picture of complex issues that can be understood. Her skills are well recognized and can be seen breaking down electoral ridings, budgets and environmental issues among others.

Tonia recently returned from an assignment she is particularly excited about. Her work surrounding this assignment will be featured in the Globe shortly. To keep the impact of the feature great, I am not mentioning it at this time. One will have to look for it in an upcoming issue. A hint... Its cold there!

TONIA FUN FACT: Tonia is proud to say she is an expert marksman! She quickly qualifies that her prowess with hand guns and riffles is limited to fun fairs and anywhere where rows of plastic ducks or old pop bottles sit, enticing one to win a huge stuffed animal!


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