Sunday, April 5, 2015


Back slaps, fist bumps, smiles and a welcoming callout greet him as he walks into the gym. Peter Temoche is in the house.

Born in Toronto to Spanish parents from South America. Mom from Uruguay, dad from Peru, Peter is at ease in any situation and culture. From the firehouse in Burlington, Ontario where loves being a firefighter, to the boxing ring, the cultures of serving and fighting are strong with Peter.

Peter has been boxing for five years at the Kingsway Boxing Club. He has been a part of The Fight To End Cancer since it began four years ago. He participated in the gala fights to raise money for cancer research in years one and three, “One of the best experiences of my life” he says. This year, volunteering as a sparing partner for the latest group of fighters, he is loving the fact the fight pressure is off.

Peter also enjoyed drawing, often bringing his sketch book with him wherever he goes. Today he has shown up at the gym with his latest creation, white boxing gloves with pen & ink skeletal drawings of the bones of the hand which are as detailed & well executed as they are intimidating!

PETER FUN FACT: He had a short stint as a tattoo apprentice years ago but decided he would rather be a canvas than a practitioner. He now designs tattoos for other people. 

BOXING FUN FACT: Once while shadow boxing he actually punched himself in the face - a full-on right to the nose! Nobody saw it and it hurt like hell but he was laughing so much it was worth the upper-cut!


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