Thursday, April 23, 2015


It is not every day you see a Canadian librarian in a remote part of the African continent covering a story about a young man building windmills to provide his village with much needed electricity.

Such is the scope of Peggy Mackenzie's interests.

Born in Montreal​, Peggy completed a masters in history before moving to Toronto to work at the Archives of Ontario​. With an interest in research, a love of history and a keen eye for detail, she is an excellent research librarian. Shortly after her contracts were up at the Ontario Archives, she began work at the City of Toronto Archives​ where she worked for seven years.

A job at The Toronto Star​offered her a chance to explore her passions for writing and travel in addition to research. Peggy pitched a story idea and together with photographer Lucas Oleniuk, traveled to the African country of Malawi​. As a Library and Research Specialist, the Star was home for many years before the continued downsizing reached deep into their library.

Peggy is currently a part-time librarian at St. James campus of George Brown College​. 

PEGGY FUN FACT: Peggy and her husband have, for several years, been taking Scottish country dancing lessons. Peggy says of her husband, "He was listening to his wife nag for years" so he signed them up and have been gracing the dance floor ever since!


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