Thursday, April 2, 2015


Born in Tokyo, raised in South Australia, West Virginia and Alberta, Canada would normally be enough to conjure up an image of a person I want to know about. But that is just the start of who Leslie Scrivener is.

Leslie has lived on a houseboat in Kashmir and also taught English in Iran in the days of the Shah.

For decades, Leslie worked as a feature writer at the Toronto Star and as a Faith and Ethics writer. Her writing about the human spirit feeds her curiosity about belief, motivation and change. WHY is the biggest question that drives her most. 

Leslie knew Terry Fox and wrote a biography of him after he died. She is now part of a group working to see a Terry Fox memorial erected in Toronto. She is always working, even if she’s not! She is constantly observing people and situations, "I see stories everywhere - they are there, at our feet, waiting to be uncovered and told". 

Along with her architect husband David, they have raised four children and live in an beautiful house he designed and built. 

She is now working on a project for Voices from the Street, an exceptional leadership training program in Parkdale that delivers awesome, life changing outcomes. Participants have gone on to affect social policy, find jobs, and understand they have a lot to contribute to society. 

Leslie plays her baby grand piano and gets swoony over a Brahms intermezzo. But also digs country music! 

MOST UNLIKELY INTERVIEW:  An anarchist punk in Morocco. Poor, unemployed, hanging around the street, he explained why he was loyal to Morocco's king and why it was unlikely the revolutions that rocked the Arab world in 2011 were unlikely to explode in his country. 


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