Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Paying tribute to the fight his mother went through surviving breast cancer,  Kyle Murdock dedicated himself to boxing, finding an outlet at the gym.

Born in Toronto, Kyle is vice president of sales for real estate brokerage company. In 2007 he was overweight and out of shape. He took his 256 pounds to the Kingsway Boxing Club where he worked out through boxing and conditioning classes to be the trim 185 pounds he is today!

After his mother survived her bout with breast cancer, Kyle joined the Fight To End Cancer and participated in the first year the Fight was held, raising money for cancer research. He is now deeply into cross fit training, training close to six times a week. This, together with his 2 year old son and his job, keeps Kyle on his game.

KYLE FUN FACT: His addiction is following Toronto Maple Leafs prospects! Every morning he checks the stats of every player in the Leafs organization! Thats dedication!


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