Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Playfully relieved to be holding a Hello card rather than his wife's colourful purse - which he had to earlier when her photo was being taken - Khalid Jabbar is all smiles which are never far from the surface.

Khalid arrived in Toronto in 1997 from Karachi, Pakistan - one side of an arranged marriage in which both are happy and at ease.

Since arriving in Canada, Khalid has been providing I.T. infrastructure solutions for small and medium-sized companies. He laughs in agreement when told he is one of those people the world cannot do without.

When Khalid has time, he loves watching all sports and is a huge cricket and squash fan. Sadly sidelined from a small sports injury, he longs to get back in the squash courts and running about the cricket pitch.

KHALID FUN FACT: He is the proud dad to three children and smiles as he admits to getting flustered and speaking too quickly when his children are getting on him and teasing him!


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