Thursday, April 9, 2015


Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Kathleen Doody was landlocked. But after moving to Toronto to attend York University and receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she discovered the island life. 

A short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto (when the ice was not plugging the harbour) is Ward’s Island, where a small community of people live in wooden cottage style homes looking back at the sprawling city skyline.

A career in graphic arts and editorial design has seen Kathleen win many awards. She was one of the designers who contributed to The Toronto Star newspaper's award-winning style and bold design. Both the paper and Kathleen have moved on. Kathleen is now involved into more three dimensional forms of creating. 

From 2D to 3D, Kathleen has built theatre props, designed costumes and is making a name for herself creating elaborate pebble mosaics for public and civic spaces as well as commissioned private installations. Take the ferry to Ward’s Island and you will discover the 12-foot wide pebble mosaic installation at Willow Square.

Living on a small island can give one cabin fever after a while, so travel is essential. She has lived for periods ranging from six months to two years in Scotland, France, Italy and Japan.

KATHLEEN FUN FACT: Always a passionate swimmer, Kathleen has recently returned from the Bahamas where she jumped into the deep to swim with sharks and dolphins in the wild.


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