Monday, April 6, 2015


Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jennifer Wells grew up with an appreciation for story telling. Her father was a dedicated newspaper editor and this love of journalism has made her one of Canada’s finest feature writers today.

Passionate, driven, interminable and caring. These are some of the characteristics that define Jennifer and allow her to lift up an otherwise ignored story and give it life and purpose.

Jennifer has been on the front lines of significant stories such as the Bre-X gold scandal, the trial of Conrad Black and author of the ebook, That Polio Season.

Jennifer is an award winning journalist with a unique set of skills. She is as adept at eviscerating corporate wrongdoing as she is at compassionately honouring the stories of those who have suffered.

This is a particularly potent combination as seen in her epic Toronto Star feature, The Ghosts of Bhopal. It is an example of revealing corporate injustice which caused a generation of misery in India at the hands of a transnational. A story for which she is nominated for a National Newspaper Award. Part of getting this story saw her sleeping in the same slum where thousands lost their lives from a Union Carbide gas leak.

JENNIFER FUN FACT: At the age of 30 she quit her job as managing editor of Canadian Business magazine, bought a round the world ticket, and travelled using only a small bag she could tuck under the seat. She’s twice as old as that now, but just as restless.


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