Friday, April 10, 2015


Jeff grew up and lives just outside Toronto but his work is beginning to be seen and admired by many in the city.

A quiet guy with an eye for design, Jeff Mack has found his passion. The path to get here was an interesting one. Initially interested in joining the police force through the Police Foundations course, Jeff turned to expressing himself through the tactile beauty of steel and wood.

Live edge is the term used for exposing and preserving the outer edges of a tree in furniture design. Jeff designs and builds exquisite furnishings in custom steel and wood, specializing in live edge tables.

From Hero Sushi in Toronto to Leatherfoot men’s shoes in Yorkville, a men’s clothing store in Oakville and other retail spaces, Jeff’s are something to behold. Deeply grained heartwood contrasting with polished or brushed steel butterfly joints are one of the design elements that make his furnitures pieces unique. You can check out more of his work here:

JEFF FUN FACT: Though he no longer has the time to hit the green every day, he is proud to have hit a hole-in-one! 


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