Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Rising from the ashes, Helen was born the year Canada scrapped the legendary Avro Arrow. 

Helen Hayter Borg was born in Toronto, the daughter of one of the workers on the Avro Arrow interceptor fighter aircraft. It was a busy time in the Berg home then so there are no pictures of baby Helen!

As Toronto grew, and prices began to sky rocket, Helen moved north to the then, small and sleepy town of Barrie, Ontario. In 1988, she was way ahead of the game!

A mom of two tall sons, Helen loves music and gardening, writing and reading and is a self-confessed member of the grammar police! So if asked “How are you”, do not reply with, “Good”! Helen has worked for Fujifilm for 3 1/2 years and is point person for Canada's Fuji X-Photographers, which would also suggest she is skilled at herding cats!

HELEN FUN FACT: Speaking of cats, she has a house full of pets including a dog, cat and fish, bearded dragon, Sudan plated lizard, African water frog, two geckos and a tortoise. 


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