Monday, April 13, 2015


Quite possibly a replacement for Daniel Craig in the James Bond legacy, or looking like he stepped off the set of Dr. Who, Grant Ford is a significant member of another British institution - Sotheby’s.

A great music lover, Grant was born in 1970, a not-so insignificant year in classic rock history. The year Jimi Hendrix died that year as well as the year US National Guardsmen gunned down four unarmed students at Kent State University, inspiring the Crosby Still Nash & Young protest anthem, Ohio. 

Though born in London, he now lives just outside in the countryside with his wife and two daughters. He manages British and Irish art for Sotheby’s UK, mainly 19th and 20th century paintings. He is often on the road keeping in touch with those who have beautiful paintings and who may wish to allow Sotheby’s to auction them.

For a company that began in the 1744, Sotheby’s stills uncovers surprises. Musing on a colourful life, Grant says, “Still in this modern world, I am confronted with great surprises which make every day a non-groundhog day”!

With such a high pressure career, Grant winds down by enjoying time at home with his family.

GRANT FUN FACT: Grant has been featured as a specialist on the British version of the Antiques Roadshow.


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