Saturday, April 25, 2015


Forget the explorers you learned of in school! All that sloshing around in leaky sailing ships - not to mention the scurvy! Those were your grandmother's explorers.

The social media personification of the modern day explorer goes by the name, Freaktography. This anonymous person is today's breed of explorer, choosing to seek out and show the wonders and mysteries of our own backyards.

Living by the urban explorer's code, "Take nothing but pictures - leave nothing but footprints", Freaktography uncovers and reveals the secret lives of rural and urban abandoned homes, factories, hospitals and other institutions.

Once, while exploring an abandoned house with a friend, they came upon a yellow shopping bag with tightly rolled bundles of American and Canadian bills totalling almost $7,000. After some research, they found the granddaughter of the owners and delivered the found money to her - every dollar. The money had been saved over many years of running a roadside fruit stand.

Born in Niagara Falls, now living west of Toronto, Freaktography has a life outside of documenting decay. He is a student of military and music history. "I guess my love for all things history can explain why I am so passionate about documenting the present state of the past" he says of his urban exploration photography.

When he is not exploring, he spends time with his 8 year-old daughter and his fiancé - he is planning a 2016 wedding!

FREAKTOGRAPHY FUN FACT(S):  When he was 18, he cut off his long hair and joined the army for three years. He has 12 tattoos. He was in a high school band called, Foolish Child. He once had a collection of KISS memorabilia that took up his entire basement! He has since sold the collection.

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