Saturday, April 4, 2015


Visiting Toronto from his home in Berkeley, California, international street photographer, Eric Kim poses for the Hello Project well away from the streets! He is in a lecture hall in in the University of Toronto where he speaks to, and entertains, a capacity room about his particular genre of photography.

Born in 1988 and a graduate of UCLA, Berkeley, Eric combines his studies in sociology with his love of photography. The result is an insightful and poignant look at society through street photography. Eric's work is richly layered and goes beyond snap & grab photos of unwitting passers-by on the street. Visit his website and you will begin to appreciate what he sees. There, you can also enjoy his blog and learn more about street photography.

Though he does have digital cameras, he is almost never seen without his Leica M6 film camera and permanently attached flash. He prefers a flash in order to illuminate and isolate his subject from the background.

QUOTE OF THE EVENING: When talking about those who photograph people from a distance, he laughs and says "Creepiness is proportionate to the length of lens you have"! The lecture this night was about getting over your fears of photographing people.


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