Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Most university students will tell you of their regrettable experience with wine. But for Debbie Shing, her university experiences and appreciation for wine has led to a career.

A Hong Kong native, Debbie and her family moved to Vancouver when she was three years of age. Debbie has a degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University. While at Simon Fraser, she earned her way through school by working part-time in the British Columbia liquor stores. As well, she connected with several bon vivantes who introduced her to fine wines. Her path was set!

Debbie enrolled in Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), a UK-based organization and completed her certificate in 2014.

Today Debbie teaches WSET courses in downtown Toronto and at Humber College. She is currently Territory Manager for Mark Anthony a fine wine merchant company. She supplies fine wines to many of Toronto's best restaurants.

Beyond her spirited career, Debbie loves to sample good food, wine and enjoys travel. She recently returned from her first trip to Italy which has given her a new goal – to travel to every wine-producing region internationally.

DEBBIE FUN FACT: She practiced the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira for seven years while she lived in Vancouver. Watch out for her flying kicks. Really! Watch out!


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